I’ve been using Sketch for a few years now and have not thought about going back to Photoshop since. I love using Sketch and it is so much easier to use and create amazing designs quickly.

Sketch is a powerful, professional Mac design app. It gives you the power and flexibility that you need as a designer. It is very easy to use and light weight, meaning you can focus on the important design stuff.

Sketch App

I still use Photoshop if a client needs some photo editing done before the images can be added to the design or if I want to add some special effects to the images.

Sketch allows you to show all of your page layouts on one screen without having to turn layers off, open different files. You can create ‘symbols’ which are objects that contain elements that you need to use across multiple pages. For example if you have a header or footer element that stays consistent throughout the design, you can create a symbol for them. If you need to make amends to those elements you just edit the symbol and it will update across all pages.

All the elements that you create in Sketch are vectors, meaning you can go back to them and resize if you needed to.  It gives you complete flexibility over your designs. You can also easily add slices to your design if you need to export them for development. There are tonnes of add ons and extra elements you can download and add to Sketch.

I also find that Sketch runs a lot smoother and faster than Photoshop. Photoshop has so many features that web designers would not even know existed. Sketch is a clean and straight to the point app, no nonsense!

I’m very happy I changed to Sketch and I’m sure you will be too! Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Check out Sketch for yourself and see if you can also be converted.

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