It has now been over a year since I went out on my own as a freelance web designer. This post is a little late as I did go freelance in April 2013. It’s been hard to find the time to sit down and write up a post about my experience so far. Its actually been 1 year and 4 months.

My first year of freelancing has been amazing! It has had its ups and downs. Long work days, worrying about money and getting the work in. But I’ve been my own boss, working the hours I want to and having the freedom to work on the projects I want to. It’s so nice to have creative freedom on projects, of course there are some restrictions as the client still has a lot of input but it’s nice to be in control.

I found the time to redesign my portfolio as it was starting to look dated and I wanted something fresh and professional looking. I wanted it to show my style of design. It now features a nice clean design with tonnes of whitespace and gives my work the full attention.

I’ve found out that it is a freelancer MUST to go to conferences. I’ve been to two this year and feel like I need to go to more. I learn so much from the speakers at conferences. I always want to rush home and start on my next project. It definitely gets the creative juices flowing again. The most recent one I attended was The Business of Web Design, I would highly recommend going to next years conference.

I have had days where I haven’t felt like working or I haven’t been able to concentrate. I just go out for a walk, grab a coffee and it seems to help. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid. I’ve been lucky to not be ill, I have had emergencies where I’ve had to take a day or two off but luckily I have the most understanding clients I could ask for.

Freelancing can be a lonely world so it is very important to stay in contact with friends, go out for lunch now and again, go to freelance meetups and conferences. I’m always chatting to people on Skype, Twitter, etc just to have some sort of human interaction.

So all in all my first year of freelancing has been amazing and I hope the many more years to come keep getting even better.

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