My First Month As A Freelancer

So it’s been one month now since I started out as a freelancer. I have to say I was nervous at first because being a Virgo I worry about money and have to budget… blah, blah, blah. If you don’t take risks in your life then you won’t be happy, ever. I know I would have regretted not making the decision. But also being a Virgo means I’m super organised and have ‘to do’ lists for ‘to do’ lists, which helps. Also grab Wunderlist if you feel like you need some organisation in your life.


My Life As A Freelancer: Day 5

Today started off with taking my cat to the vets to be spayed. So the day started off late for me by the time I had got home after buying a garden storage box thing as well.

I did manage to finally finish my next Tumblr theme, Nimble. It’s a business style theme this time. It’s also my first all white theme. Thought I’d give this clean look a try and stay away from colourful stuff. I’m not just waiting for the theme to get accepted on ThemeForest.


My Life As A Freelancer: Day 4

Hello again!

Today has been a lot more productive. I managed to get up at 8:30am today without setting an alarm.

I’ve managed to clear out the list of bugs for a WordPress website I’m working on. Got a few invoices paid off and started on 2 new logo designs. I even managed to work on my new Tumblr theme some more. I still don’t have anything to show of my next theme so go check out Optic instead.


My Life As A Freelancer: Day 3

Today was a bit of a mixed day. I had a doctors appointment at 1:20pm that when I arrived I was told I had to rebook and now it’s the 2nd of May. OK then…

I got very distracted with walking around town for about an hour and not realising how quickly the time was going. It’s so easy to do. I did however meet up with the guys at Westleigh Dental to go over the logo I designed for them. They want to stay away from the obvious tooth image and go for something more abstract. I would have thought a tooth would be better so that customers can instantly see what sort of company it is. But then I thought well my logo doesn’t have a mouse cursor in it. If anything people viewing my site might think I supply Safari adventures!


My Life As A Freelance Web Designer: Day 2

Today started off very slow. My friends dragged me out last night to celebrate the fact that I had started my career as a freelancer. So you guessed it… I woke up late. I still feel like I’m recovering writing this at 4:30pm. Never again will I be going out on a school night!

I would’t suggest going out during the week because now I feel like I’ve wasted part of the day and will be working later. But then that is the joy of working for yourself, you can set the times you work and work in your PJ’s.


My Life As A Freelance Web Designer: Day 1

Well today is my first day of freelancing so I thought I’d write a blog post about is as I have time to now. 🙂

The start to the day didn’t go too well as I had blood tests at 9am. Fun times! After that I wondered down the high street as the market was on. It feels like a different world going out during ‘work hours’. I feel like I need a zimmer frame, be on my pension or be wearing a baseball cap and trackies to be out between 9am to 5pm. Where do all the freelancers hide? On the plus side I did get paid by Envato for the themes and graphic bits I sell online today. 🙂


Full Time Freelancing

Well the time has come to announce that I have finally been able to live my life long dream. I’m going to be full time freelance and working from home in a matter of weeks now. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I left university and have never had the chance to do it. I’ve been the sort of person that is never happy with just the full time gig and it has never catered for what I really want to do.


New Years Resolutions 2013

2013 is going to be a busy year and I’m sure a lot of you have already posted or listed your resolutions for the year somewhere on the web. I’ve made it my mission this year to grow the freelance side of my career. I’m always giving myself projects to do in my spare time and also love working on new and different projects. It’s always good to make a list of things you want to achieve in the future, gives you something to work towards.


Dribbble Invite Giveaway

There’s no better way to launch a new website with some free Dribbble invites!

All you need to do is send me links or examples of your work and tell me why you would need a Dribbble invite. You can do this by either leaving a message below or contacting me through the contact form. That’s it!

I have 2 invites so 2 lucky people will be joining Dribbble real soon.

The closing date for entries is the 6th of July and I will then announce the winners on the 7th of July. I will announce the winners here, Twitter and Facebook. So make sure your following me to find out if you win.