So 99% of my work is based in the UK so I’ve never really had to think about domain privacy because it is included with .uk domain names through my provider. I thought it was the same for .com domains… oh was I wrong!

I recently purchased a .com domain name for a client and everything was fine and dandy until the next day. I was inundated with phone calls, spam emails and companies offering their website design surfaces. I’ve never really thought about my details on the internet before because I’m usually really careful with what I share, etc. If it wasn’t for Googling the mobile number that would repeatedly call me I would never have known my details were publicly available on WHOIS. I had to put a stop to this right away and get my details out of the WHOIS database.

The WHOIS database is where anyone can look up the contact details for the owner of a domain name. This includes your full name, email address, telephone number, address, and postcode.

By purchasing domain privacy from your domain name provider your details will be replaced or hidden from potential spammers, direct marketers, and other third parties. If you’ve already purchased a domain name and are receiving unwanted phone calls or emails I highly advice you purchase domain privacy as soon as possible. It is a very small yearly fee that stops all of the above from happening.

I purchase domain names through Heart Internet and they use to protect my details. This means that if someone was to still want to contact me they can do through that website. It just blocks out the spammers and direct marketers.

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