There’s no better way to launch a new website with some free Dribbble invites!

All you need to do is send me links or examples of your work and tell me why you would need a Dribbble invite. You can do this by either leaving a message below or contacting me through the contact form. That’s it!

I have 2 invites so 2 lucky people will be joining Dribbble real soon.

The closing date for entries is the 6th of July and I will then announce the winners on the 7th of July. I will announce the winners here, Twitter and Facebook. So make sure your following me to find out if you win.


Rhayven Coats

Hi glad to see you giving away free Dribbble invites in the form of a contest :). Well I would need a Dribbble invite in order to promote myself. This is important to me as I am a recent college grad and I believe Dribbble is a nice & cool way to do just that. I also want to be further involved with the Dribbble community. I want to leave actual comments on things that I like ( a little like button only does so much).

Anyway, thanks for the contest 🙂

P.S. You can view my work at 🙂


Hey – I’ve been looking for a Dribbble invite for a while now. Would appreciate the opportunity to give it a whirl!


Pierluigi Rauco

Hi there,

Please have a look on my Favwork profile and let me know, I am strting my own project called GraPhorma and I need feedback (positive or negative).

Thanks 1000000

Mike Kirby

Hi, I have been looking for a community in which I can engage with design peers around my chosen niche of icon design. As it is such a niche area many sites and local design communities are too broad, but dribble has an excellent community of some of the best icon designers on the planet. It would be brilliant to be able to engage with these people, learn and get feedback on my designs, and I would be honoured to be placed among them.

I also keep my personal site exclusively to icon design to ensure a consistently clear message, but I do cover many other areas of design, with app/interface, web and games, so it would be great to have a quality centralised place to post the other work I am involved in.

Much of my latest work can be found on my website , I also regularly post my work on twitter (have recently been trying to post out 1 icon a day), along with posting out my favourite shots from other designers I find on dribble once every few days.

Twitter – @I_Make_Icons

Kind Regards



selection of my work:

i wanna be a part of the dribbble family.

Robert Abramski

I would like to use Dribbble to get feedback from a group of my peers. I feel like the standards are very high on Dribbble and it will make it possible for me to progress as a designer. As an effort to get drafted, I’ve created a draft page for you with some of my upcoming shots.


Hi, why you should pick me ? Coz there is not much belgian designer on dribbble ! 😛
Check out some of my work online on
There are more work of my self on (my currently agency).
Dribbble could get me some great feedbacks and advice from the best designer community in the world and improve my skills, my vision of web design ! 🙂
Have a great day, best, Gauthier.

Michelle Crum

Pick me! Pick me!

Hello! I’ve recently made the decision to follow my designer’s heart and leave the big bad advertising agency world. My dream is to work out of my home studio on personal projects and directly with clients. To make my plan work, I need… clients! I would like to join the Dribble community to help make my dreams come true.

Will you help make my dreams come true?? 🙂

Thank you!


Hey everyone,

Thank you to those who have sent over links to their work. Today is the last day for entries and I’ll be reviewing the entries tonight and in the morning to announce the winners tomorrow. 🙂

Joe Scott


I’d like to say thank you for the opportunity of gaining a Dribbble invite,

I am a prolific Android developer and design desperate for an active community in which to show case my work and get feedback, the chance to interact with other designers and leave constructive comments is indispensable in the moving forward of my skills and experience, before i begin to waffle i shall end here, please be sure to look at both my website ( and my FavWork profile ( ) for examples of my work

Kind regards


Benjamin Allison

I’ve been dying for a dribbble invite.

The reason? I think it’s more incentive to keep working on things. To explore the minutia of a design… those little bits that tend to get forgotten in a sketchbook. An archive of things that the client didn’t pick, but that still might have usefulness.

My work is here:
And here:



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