I thought I would write a little something about my cousin who lives in New Zealand. It’s good to see that he has also gone down the design path. I unfortunately don’t get to see him much with him living thousands of miles away. His graffiti characters, Drypnz, have been featured in a bag full of galleries and shows! It’s good to see that awesome design skills run in the family!

Bio taken from the Dypnz website:

“DRYP, or DRYPNZ with my little followers ‘THE DRYPPPLS’, are the product of……………being.


Born in England. I’ve moved around the world since an early age, from Israel to the Marshall Islands, which are in the Mid. Pacific, 7 degrees North 180 degrees West (unnecessary info). In 1995, moved to St. Croix USVI in the Caribbean, and there, enjoyed the sun for an amazing 10 years before moving to Nelson, New Zealand. At the beginning of 2006 I came to live in Wellington to continue schooling and push my work into an ‘understanding community’.


Put simply, my work reflects on something that is not really taken note of or talked about in modern society. It is the idea that human flaw might lead to further evolution (‘if that is what has happened in the past’) resulting in a new “lower” breed of human, ‘Dis-evolution’ if you will.”

Drypnz now features heavily on the Zero Cool website where you can purchase some of the artwork.

Latest News from Drypnz

“some things have been going slow trying to relax is a no go. getting on top of a lot of stuffs is what has been up. great english we know. but this is what has been up.

-sorting out a shipping problem that has occured for a show being produced and curated by Freshly Baked Gallery and the wonderful Tim! just a big thank you for dealing with me and NZ Post. the show is being hung at Oh Really Gallery in Newtown, Sydney. great spot and a great bunch of guys there! (got to get back over early in the new year im thinking.

– and some murals going up soon i hope in good old quiet Newtown in Wellington. one in Baobab cafe. and others im hoping to scatter about a bit.


-im working on a new mini series of work that plays with the solitude of the drypppl creatures and hope to find a venue for that as the work progresses.

-and underground magazine is in the works and if the computer doesnt give me to much more hell it will be in some places about town soon we hope.

and as summer approaches the windy shores of Wellington, NZ i can only hope the warmth will follow quickly as it is no where quick enough.”

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jacqui kennedy

Very Proud Aunt of WildeMedia and Very Proud Mom of drypnz and grandmama of the cute drypppls 🙂 You guys are both AWESOME Love and Luck with your ongoing artBREAK THROUGHS


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