The lovely people over at Envato have chosen me to be the Community Superstar out of over 12,000 authors that use the Envato Marketplaces. This is a huge achievement and I’m happy to know that I do have an effect on the Envato community.

I get to keep the shiny Gold Community Superstar badge for 12 months now and hopefully it’ll make me work harder to keep the users happy.

Here is a little snippet from the feature:

You may know Christine better by her previous nom de plume – WildeMedia. But just recently she’s re-branded under her own name ChristineWilde.

Christine has been with the Marketplaces since August 2009 and has worked up quite a portfolio of items in the 3DOceanGraphicRiver, and ThemeForest Marketplaces.

Christine hails from the UK from the southern area of Hampshire, which also happens to be the part-time home of one of my favorite authors P. G. Wodehouse (of Jeeves and Wooster fame). Which means I may just have to give Christine a nick name and call out “What oh Chippy?” when we meet. I’m sure she’d enjoy that.

Go read the full feature now and check out items from my portfolio that Envato like the most. =]

*hugs Envato* Such an awesome site and community. Big thanks to everyone! =]

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