Well today is my first day of freelancing so I thought I’d write a blog post about is as I have time to now. 🙂

The start to the day didn’t go too well as I had blood tests at 9am. Fun times! After that I wondered down the high street as the market was on. It feels like a different world going out during ‘work hours’. I feel like I need a zimmer frame, be on my pension or be wearing a baseball cap and trackies to be out between 9am to 5pm. Where do all the freelancers hide? On the plus side I did get paid by Envato for the themes and graphic bits I sell online today. 🙂

So my day started off with answering emails and checking to see if anyone had sent through support tickets for my Tumblr themes. Other than that I updated my Optic Tumblr theme with some new features and bug fixes.

My day then consisted of 3 hours reviewing time for Graphic River. I could not have gone freelance without the help of the guys at Envato. Much love! 🙂

I then did some finishing touches to the initial logo design I’m creating for Westleigh Dental Practice. These guys have been my dentist for the past 20 odd years and it feels great to be working on their new branding and website. If you can’t see it yet the tooth is made up of the W and the D of Westleigh Dental.

After a spot of lunch in my local pub (thought I would just cos I could!) I returned to squash some bugs for a clients WordPress site build. Hopefully the site will be live soon so I can show you guys another site I’ve been working on.

I have to say that is great to be able to do what I want when I want without restrictions. It might be a novelty and it might wear off but I’m going to make sure I make the most of it.

Right I’m off now to enjoy my first evening off in nearly a year! 🙂

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