Well the time has come to announce that I have finally been able to live my life long dream. I’m going to be full time freelance and working from home in a matter of weeks now. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I left university and have never had the chance to do it. I’ve been the sort of person that is never happy with just the full time gig and it has never catered for what I really want to do.

I landed a contract as a reviewer for GraphicRiver which I love doing. I can’t wait to get home after the full time gig and check out all the new items that need reviewing. It has also boosted me to work on more of my own items so this year you will see a lot more stock items being uploaded to my portfolio. Also I plan on uploading a new 3D model once a week to 3D Ocean.

I also have a few clients asking for a wide range of work / projects which is always nice to have a change now and again. I’ll always have the Envato marketplaces keeping me busy with reviewing, updating my themes and creating new items. I also recently got accepted at PhotoDune so expect to see some stock photography soon as well. I’m hoping the stock photography side of my career will help me to get out and about and see the world outside of the monitor.

I’m looking forward to working a flexible schedule and being able to pop to the bank or the doctors without worrying about time off… blah blah blah. Also summer time and sitting outside whilst working. Going to freelancer meet ups, conferences and working with other awesome freelancers. 🙂

I plan on redesigning my online portfolio and updating that regularly with posts about working as a freelancer, etc. This is obviously when I get 5 minutes to do my own stuff. 😉

Well there it is. My official leaving date is the 16th of April 2013. If you have any projects you need a hand on or you would just like to know what steps you need to take to become freelance then leave a comment or get in touch! I’ll always be happy to answer any questions.

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