I’ve been a member of 3D Ocean since its Beta days. I have come across a lot of talented 3D modellers. I thought I would mention my top 10 favourite 3D models and their owners here. These are featured in no particular order.

1. Dutch Mill from Bydersjoint

2. Hot Rod by mstyle

Hot Rod 3D Model by mstyle on 3D Ocean

3. Mini Panzer by Sasuki

Mini Panzer by Sasuki on 3D Ocean

4. High Armchair by Merrygo

High Armchair by Merrygo on 3D Ocean

5. Ancient Ruins by mr_Necturus

Ancient Ruins by Mr_Necturus on 3D Ocean

6. Steampunk Goggles by tml96a

Steampunk Goggles by tml96a on 3D Ocean

7. Harco Loor Jewel Long by RTEwork

Harco Loor Jewel Long by RTEwork on 3D Ocean

8. Tech Light by vibes35

Tech Light by vibes35 on 3D Ocean

9. 3D House Cartoon Style by CGuniverse

3D House Cartoon Style by CGuniverse

10. Paulistano armchair by Paguthrie

Paulistano armchair by Paguthrie

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