Today started off very slow. My friends dragged me out last night to celebrate the fact that I had started my career as a freelancer. So you guessed it… I woke up late. I still feel like I’m recovering writing this at 4:30pm. Never again will I be going out on a school night!

I would’t suggest going out during the week because now I feel like I’ve wasted part of the day and will be working later. But then that is the joy of working for yourself, you can set the times you work and work in your PJ’s.

I did my usual house keeping tasks such as answering emails and support tickets. I then stared blankly at a piece of code created in Canvas for about an hour, it frustrated me so much as to why it wasn’t working I moved on to something else. But I know I’ll have to go back to it. 🙁

I started working on my next Tumblr theme for ThemeForest. This time I’m going to stay away from too many colours and focus on a nice clean, white, corporate theme. It’s going to feature some new widgets and gadgets that will make it look like your using a WordPress theme. It’ll be for all those people who want to show off their services and portfolio on Tumblr.

So today has unfortunately been pretty unproductive. So hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to show you something I’ve been working on. 🙂

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