Today was a bit of a mixed day. I had a doctors appointment at 1:20pm that when I arrived I was told I had to rebook and now it’s the 2nd of May. OK then…

I got very distracted with walking around town for about an hour and not realising how quickly the time was going. It’s so easy to do. I did however meet up with the guys at Westleigh Dental to go over the logo I designed for them. They want to stay away from the obvious tooth image and go for something more abstract. I would have thought a tooth would be better so that customers can instantly see what sort of company it is. But then I thought well my logo doesn’t have a mouse cursor in it. If anything people viewing my site might think I supply Safari adventures!

Other than my couple of hours reviewing for GraphicRiver I spent some time researching some ideas for 2 new logos I need to design and I also finished off a massive chunk of my next Tumblr theme. Hopefully I’ll have something to show you tomorrow.


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