Today started off with taking my cat to the vets to be spayed. So the day started off late for me by the time I had got home after buying a garden storage box thing as well.

I did manage to finally finish my next Tumblr theme, Nimble. It’s a business style theme this time. It’s also my first all white theme. Thought I’d give this clean look a try and stay away from colourful stuff. I’m not just waiting for the theme to get accepted on ThemeForest.

Check out the live preview here:

Nimble Responsive Tumblr Theme

Other than working on that I enjoyed some of the sun by sitting outside. Although the glare on my MacBook Pro is ridiculous! It took me a good minute just to find where the cursor was!

I also started on a new logo design for another company. Seems I have more logo design projects than anything else at the moment. Hoping to get these signed off next week and out the door.

People keep asking me what it’s like working for myself and to be honest it feels like I’m on holiday from work. Either that or I’m skiving off work. I’ve worked for a company since I was 16, always having to go work for someone else and now working for myself I feel great! I guess that’s a good thing because I’m so happy and relaxed now, hopefully all the stress will slowly go away. Even if there is ever a shortage of work I know I can work on a new Tumblr theme or finally get round to creating a WordPress theme for ThemeForest. To be honest I have work coming out my ears!

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