Now that Tumblr has become extremely popular with the bloggers among us, it has come to a time where Premium Tumblr themes have become readily available. I’m a person that likes to know I can contact someone if something goes wrong or doesn’t work. This is where Theme Forest comes in. The authors on Theme Forest supply around the clock support and there is also a wealth of knowledgeable people dwelling in the forums.

The collection of Tumblr themes is slowly growing on ThemeForest. I currently have 3 themes on there eagerly waiting for you to give one a home on your Tumblr blog. There are also a wide variety of Tumblr Themes on ThemeForest ranging from as little as $10!

Tumblr have made it extremely easy for people to create stunning themes and also for the end user to install them.

So… Premium or Free Tumblr themes?

If you just need a theme to quickly add to your blog to liven it up a bit and your not looking to attract a lot of visitors then a free theme is the right choice for you.

If your looking to stand out from the crowd and have a unique look then a premium theme is for you. Also with premium themes on ThemeForest you have pretty much 24/7 online support. All the authors on ThemeForest are always happy to answer an queries you might have about their themes.

Tumblr has also rolled out some premium themes ranging from $9 right up to $49. I don’t have any experience of their support structure so I can’t comment on it.

Would you rather use a free or premium Tumblr theme?

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Could you define the major differences between your Monochrome and Desire themes? Which of the two would be more functional for business?
Both themes are beautiful. I am leaning more toward the Monochrome as I have always loved the use of black and white in everything from tattoos to
photography. But I do not want to give up any hardwired or plugin advantage for business. I’d be thrilled with either. Thanks much.


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