I pride myself on creating bespoke, custom WordPress websites for small to medium size businesses. I never use prebuilt themes, click and drag services or free online web services. Everything is custom for my clients needs. You can be assured that the outcome will answer all of your online requirements for your company.

The Process

The Initial Discussion – This is our first conversation about what you require for your website. This can be via phone (01329 655450) or email (info@wildemedia.co.uk). Once we have the basics written down and discussed everything you require I will move on to writing up a quote.

The Quote – At this stage I go over everything we discussed for you website project and give a rough estimate as to how much the project is going to cost and the timescale needed to complete the project.

Getting the Ball Rolling – If you are happy with the given quote I will write up a Project Plan document that will outline the project requirements from both parties, costs and timeline. When you are happy with the projects plan I will ask for 40% deposit to get the ball rolling.

The Design – When the deposit payment has cleared I aim to get the initial home page design over to you within 3 business days. Why don’t I wireframe I hear you ask? I’ve never really needed to and it is just another step that some clients prefer not to have. Sometimes it is harder to portray what I’m thinking for the layout.

Full Design – Once you are happy with the home page design and it has been signed off I move on to the other pages of the website. This mainly includes one inner page, any specific pages related to your websites features, contact form and general styles (typography, buttons, links, etc).

Development – All of the page designs have been signed off. This allows me to move onto developing your website. I start off with the header and footer areas of the website as they are seen on all pages. I constantly test the website throughout the development process to make sure it looks great on all modern browsers and devices. I will then continue to work on any custom features, add in the pages contents and setup any useful plugins.

Testing – The website has been completed and you are happy with everything. I will do some further testing and iron out any bugs that may have popped up. I will do a final test on all modern browsers and devices before putting the website ‘live’.

Project Sign Off – When the website is live I will send over all necessary files and setup accounts for you to log in and make any changes on the fly. I will also provide any training if needed.

Post Project – After the project has gone live and it has been up and running. You are always free to contact me about any possible issues, features that you would like to be added or the future of your website. I’m always happy to help.



If you are happy with the above and it has you excited about starting your project then please do not hesitate to get in contact.